911 Smoking Gun

They went on the Offense like the Germans did after the Reichstag Fire
when they were supposed to be OBEYING their 1st General Order
You will OBEY or you WILL be court-martiled Art. 92 UCMJ

Watch the video to understand completely

In a war where the enemy operates behind enemy lines,
they left their lines open to go on the OFFENSE for things that weren't attacking....but why?

Here's why.......

They didn't know what to do about Terroists? LIE!
You secure your perimeter and extract the enemy from within!!!

It's by design........
Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & finishing off with Iran

The same False Flag as WW2 Germany
Invoke a Fake Threat and exclaim you are Defending the Homeland, then go on the Offense.
This shouldn't surprise anyone if they knew the True history of the
Bush Family sucking on Adolf Hitlers Swastika during WW2

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